Workplace Monitoring

Noise Survey

When a company believes they have a workplace noise problem the first step to take is to have a noise survey carried out by a competent person. This will determine whether noise exposure in your company is likely to exceed the legislative action levels.Once the noise survey is complete management will be able to determine whether noise is a problem in your premises, and in which areas action is necessary to reduce noise levels.All of this information will be presented in an understandable, yet comprehensive report, which will not only be an essential document in the workplace but will also satisfy your Insurers and the Enforcing Authorities.

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Dust Monitoring

Dusts, mists, fumes and vapours in the workplace atmosphere are a hazard to any employee who comes into contact with them. Whether they are caused directly by a chemical substance or a by-product of another operation, the potential ill-health effects employees may be exposed to could be avoidable if suitable control measures are introduced.

Monitoring airborne dust in the workplace will enable management to determine whether dust particles in the workplace present a problem in your company. Once the monitoring is complete, we can suggest areas in which action is necessary to reduce dust levels and recommend control measures to take. All of this information will be presented in an understandable, yet comprehensive feedback report.

Local Exhaust Ventilation Examination

When Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) is used to control the emission of substances it is a requirement, under the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations that the system is examined and air flow measured at periods not exceeding 14 months to ensure it is functioning to an acceptable capacity.

A member of our safety team will examine your Local Exhaust Ventilation system, testing its current extraction capabilities compared to the design criteria specification. Once the examination is complete a Certification of Test will be provided for record purposes.

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