It may seem that office staff are not at risk from workplace hazards, compared to those working in factories or on construction sites, and the HSE workplace incident figures reflect this. However, office workers are still exposed to workplace hazards daily, such as poorly set-up computer workstations, carrying boxes of stationary around the office, using cleaning products or poor fire evacuation plans which can result in unfortunate accidents and ill-health.

Offices still have to comply with safety legislation as other workplaces do, and if they employ over five staff it must have a written Health and Safety Policy and risk assessment documentation in place to help identify and eliminate workplace risks.

Safety Shield Ltd can help with this. We can provide a user-friendly health and safety management system for the office environment which will cover all the relevant areas of risk for your working environment. From drafting a simple Health and Safety Policy, providing the necessary Display Screen Equipment risk assessment documents and support information for your computer users to identifying your first aid needs and arranging the necessary training or obtaining fire evacuation signage.

At Safety Shield Ltd our aim is to try to find solutions for your safety problems not create new ones.

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