Being in the hospitality and catering industry, whether its running a large hotel, a family friendly pub or a busy restaurant, providing quality service to your customers is of paramount importance, as is providing a safe environment for your staff and customers. Maybe you see health and safety as being an annoyance as it takes your management away from keeping customers happy, so having a friendly, yet professional, safety consultant may be just what you need.

On a daily basis your staff will be exposed to many workplace hazards that can affect their safety and health. The hazards may be from the high levels of manual handling; handling hazardous cleaning products; poor fire safety arrangements; or from staff being unaware how to carry out incident investigations following an accident on your premises. For your customers ensuring food preparation adheres to the food hygiene regulations; providing an environment free of potential slip, trips and fall hazards; and ensuring their overall safety whilst on your premises will be your safety focus.

Health and safety in your type of working environment needs not only to focus on your staff, but also your customers, business visitors and any contractors who may be working on your premises or behalf. Risk assessment documentation will need to take into account all these persons, identify what risks they may be exposed to and identify control measures that will be needed to either eliminate or reduce the risk levels. Linked to these assessments should be documented safe systems of work, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) documents, safety and food hygiene training requirements, along with support documentation to demonstrate you are complying with your legal duties.

Safety Shield Ltd can help with all of this. We have prior experience with working with the hospitality industry, providing them with user-friendly health and safety management systems, drafting Health and Safety Policies which consider the health and safety of their staff but also the safety and well-being of their customers. We have also trained key staff in carrying out the necessary risk assessment and HACCP documentation to ensure compliance with both health and safety and food hygiene legal requirements. All this as well as providing access to on-going support and assistance when your staff need it most.

At Safety Shield Ltd our aim is to try to find solutions for your safety problems not create new ones.

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