Happy Holidays!


Two Bank Holidays in one month is always welcomed, however, it does mean that extra time must be spent sorting the garden out.

Last month on the May Bank Holiday I found myself spending  a long day carrying out the much-needed  shed clearing session to determine if a new larger shed was needed (as my husband believed it was!). This session involved a mass clear-out of old cleaning chemicals and paints (safely disposed of at the local tip); sorting of all the power tools to ensure stored safely and not ‘dumped’ on the floor by my husband; checking the step ladders were undamaged; and evicting the millions of bugs and spiders that had taken residence! I did try my hardest to adhere to the correct manual handling techniques, but must admit there were a number of items I did not wish to ‘hug’ due to the eight-legged occupants running over them.

If I was carrying the above out in a workplace things would have needed to be done slightly differently. Staff handling hazardous substances would need to be trained and aware of the safety data sheets or COSHH assessments in place; portable appliance testing would be needed on electrical equipment and user checks completed prior to use; ladder checks would need to be recorded, and preferably access equipment secured to prevent unauthorised use; staff carrying out manual handling would need to be trained in the correct techniques and adhere to it. Thankfully there is no legislation (currently) regarding the correct removal of bugs and spiders- much to both my and their relief!!

So after the mass clear-out of old, broken and un-needed items, and the introduction of new storage units the old shed is still going strong and everything is in its correct and safe place. Even the bugs and spiders are happy in their new re-vamped abode.

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